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Some Stuff about...Stuff...

So, I guess Dean is gonna tell you all about the Wereodile thing so I won't even bother.

Well, AFTER Pop was done dragging me along on all of his gay adventures, I finally got to do some stuff that I wanted to do. Like, pick up the guitar! Did I tell you guys that me and Dermitt are gonna start a band? Well, me an Dermitt are gonna start a band!

And I really missed Kim when I was away, so I went over to see her. We ate some cookies and umm...talked about stuff and...did some...stuff...stuff that you lot don't need to know about!

...stuff I wouldn't mind doing again with her sometime...

Anyway, guess what? It's Kim's Birthday today!


[locked from Kim]

Don't tell Kim, but I want to get or do something really special for her. I mean, I'm writing this song for her, but it's no where near finished. And I don't really have any money. Anyone got any ideas?


That's...all I have to say for now, I guess...

[locked to Dean]

...Dean? If I tell you about something that happened, will you promise to never tell anyone? No matter what it is? Because I really gotta tell someone, and I don't know who else to tell.  But if you're gonna go blabbing to Pop or Brock or gossip with your new boyfriend Kevin then forget it!


He's So the Kitty's Pajamas!!!

I made a new friend guys! :D

His name's Dermitt and he's the coolest! I mean, get a load of this; He's got a bee-bee gun, his fist are registered weapons, big muscles and short 'n sassy hair! He's pretty much the kitty's pajamas.  And he wants to be my friend! We traded phone numbers and we're totally gonna chill sometime...I hope it's sometime soon. I should check the answering machine and see if he called...again.Or maybe I should call him...again...

You guys seriously have no idea how psyched I am about hanging out with another teen-ager who isn't my wussy brother or a girl.

I mean, Kim's awesome and everything, but I just can't do guy stuff with her like I can with Dermitt...like wrestle and feel each other's muscles. And I definitely couldn't do that kinda stuff with my brother.

Speak of Deanosaur, what the flippin' heck, man?! Why didja have to go and wail on my new friend! I mean, don't get me wrong it was impressive and I had no idea you had it in ya, but that was so un-cool! Seriously! You're lucky that he's okay and still wants to hang out with me after that, cuz otherwise, I'd kick your ass.

Well, I'm gonna go see if he called or something while I was doing this LJ thing.

EDIT: I never thought I'd say this, but I actually really miss the Monarch. I mean, even though he was like a really annoying uncle who came by for visits all the time, at least I haven't been afraid of him since I was a tot. And I keep having nightmares about Sargent Hatred inappropriately touching me...

Back In My Bod

I'm back in the ol' bod. Which means I can go back to peeing standing up...thank the Maker!

But uh...Kim apparently decided to go to town while "she" was a "me", and now...now I have a bad cough and I have a huge hole in my ear lobe. She did get me some sweet threads, but still! 

But you know what the worst thing about this whole mind switching business is? It's that I really missed Dean all week. He can be a douche sometimes, but he's my brother, and guess I love him and stuff. I think we were fighting before all this prom and body swap stuff happened, but I don't remember what about. So I guess you win the fight, Dean. Whatever. Can stop fighting now?

Go Team Venture?

But despite everything, I actually feel really...good! I can't remember the last time I was this chillax...


...Wow...my room smells like... Brock's room. It smells like smoke and rubbing alcohol.

I actually like the alcohol smell...weird.

[MS] I never wanted to be a blond.

I'm still not used to this body. I always knew why I loved my own body, but now I miss it even more. In my body, I could manipulate almost anyone into doing anything I wanted. I guess it doesn't work so well in Hank's body. And this kid has no tolerance for alcohol. I had like one beer and I thought the floor was gonna be my new best friend, so drinking at all is pretty much out. So unfair.

I bought him a new wardrobe, because apparently we both hate neckerchiefs, and since for some reason I'm not allowed to wear his underwear, even though its his body, so nothings really changed, a ton of boxers. Get used to them. I went to a piercing shop and got his ears pieced and gauged, too, and they have some small, 4 gauge blue glass plugs in them. I like them. Dr. Venture hates me even more now. Whatever, Hank needs to be able to live a little. I'm just glad Brock has been watching over Hank in my body so nothing bad happens. I'm pretty used to people yelling stuff at me and trying to grope me, but he's not.

I'm over at Mordhaus now, where almost everyone is, just hanging out. Its actually a nice chance to be able to walk past the guards and not be terrified. I usually avoid them at all costs and just go straight for the Venture compound door to Skwisgaar's room. Its so funny to hear his voice coming out of Tom's body, although its pretty weird to have mine coming from Hank's. I cannot believe the clothes Hank has been trying to put me in. Fucking "mom jeans" are not for hot eighteen year old girls. They are for old fat women with children. I will never wear those ever. And the dresses made me look like I'm a cult member or something. I'm too hot for that!

Someone needs to go get me more cigarettes. I can't exactly use my own ID in Hank's body. I'm just glad Triana is fine and she only switched with Ed, not someone totally creepy. At least Rummy is taking care of them, and the tiny asian blackula hunter. It seems like most of the people that got stuck in the body of a different gender had to deal with suddenly being either really tall or really short, except for Hank and I. Weird.

[[Locked to Triana and Skwisgaar]]

I think I prefer my own body for sex. Being a guy just isn't as exciting to me. I really miss my boobs.


Dean's Such a Douche...>:(

So yeah, I got my own room now. It was the guest bed room, but we never used it so now it's my room. I don't know if it'll be my room for long, because I never exactly asked Pop if I could move all my things in there, but whatever.

 It was really hard to move my super computer bed and my barbell set. But Dean helped me so it wasn't that bad.

Speaking of Dean, what crawled up his butt and died?

Seriously! First, he gets mad at me because he dropped my barbells on his foot. How is that my fault? Okay, it kinda was, but still! It was an accident!

Then, he's all "so why do you want your own room anyway? Is it because you hate me" and I'm all like "no, that's not true at all", because it isn't. And it's not like he doesn't want his own room too! Next he's like "so why do you want your own room then?", because he's so nosey and all, so I tell him because Kim said we should have our own rooms. So when she comes over, we'll have some privacy to hang out and...do stuff...

That's when he flips a lid! He starts acting like a total prude and going "you can't do this, you can't do that, you should wait until marriage, if Kim told you to jump off a bridge would you and blah blah blah" shut up, Dean!

What the heck, right?

He's just jealous because I'm going to the prom and he's not.

Oh! Almost forgot, Kim got me this tux to match her dress (it's really pretty. The dress I mean, not the tux. The tux is manly and James Bond-ish.) And me and Skwissgaar are going to watch some uh...movies later, so I know what to do at err...prom.

[locked from the ladies]

I've uh...been hearing stuff about "prom-night tradition" and umm...is that really true?

...I'm nervous.



Attack of the Dean-o-saur...

So my little brother got a LJ account...

Could you guys do me a solid? Could you all, I dunno, try to be nice to him? I know that's asking a lot of you, because he's a total weenie and all, but he has feelings too. I guess...

Anyway, Kim and I have been talking...about stuff. Mainly that she isn't a virgin like I thought she was. But I'm totally cool with that! I was kind of hoping we'd be each other's firsts, but yeah, I'm totally cool with it.  And hey, I know sex stuff too... Just...not as much as she does.

I still don't understand what Kim and I are, exactly. She says she doesn't want to be my girlfriend. But she likes hanging out with me and I really like hanging out with her. So I'd say we're friends, except she kissed me and she wants me to get my own room...

Umm...Pop? I want, no, need my own room.

Hankinator is Back in Action

Guess where I just got home from?

My dinner date with Kim <3
It was kinda off to a rocky start, because Kim told me I couldn't wear my Batman suit. But luckily I found the next best think at the back of my closet.

Two words; “leisure suit.”

Two more words; “chick magnet.”

The rest of the evening was smooth sailing...I think. The lobster was pretty good and Kim looked pretty...pretty...well, pretty! Some other guys at the restaurant must have noticed that too, because they were getting kinda fresh with her. Good thing I was there to defend her honor!

And Kim? I hope tonight made up for things said and done when I was a monster. I know I've apologized a billion times already, but I just want to make sure we're cool and uh...maybe we can do this again, sometime? Not the whole werewolf thing, but you know...

[locked to Squidscar]

I tried, sensei, I really tried! But I don't think I've won her over yet.

I just don't get it! I did everything you said! I was totally being “kinkys” with her and I even told her she had a “big, sexy rack of lamb.” Just like you said!

But she just laughed at me.

Sorry sensei... I have failed you! D:


What the Dilly-o?!

Yeah, um...I'm better now.

I was wrong about the monkeynucleosis, though.

Apparently, I turned into Scooby Doo with 'roid rage and attacked Pop. I'd say it was kinda cool, if I could remember any of that. I guess I gave Brock a hard time, because I woke up in the lab covered in bruises and chains this morning.


Sooooo, can anybody fix me before it's my "time of the month" again?

 Pop? Mr. Quizboy? Anybody?

Oh, and Happy Easter, everybody! Be sure to thank Franken-Jesus for the peeps and jelly beans!

Can You Hear Me God? It's Me, Hank...

Squidscar, I think I'm going to go get high now...

Something's really wrong with me.

Seriously, Pop? Can I be not grounded enough to go see a doctor? PLEASE!

My head hurts, I think I threw up everything I've eaten in the past two weeks today, I'm having impure thoughts about a certain lady friend of mine, I can't get comfortable, and these fleas are driving me crazy!

My new pubes were the only cool thing about whatever's going on, but even that sucks now. It looks like "Cousin It" ate my junk and when I try to shave it, it all grows back!  I can't even pull my pants up all the way!

This sucks.

Edit: Okay, I've put some thought into it and I have a pretty solid theory on what's happening; I have monkeynucleosis. In lay man's terms, I'm turning into a monkey. This is just a theory, but I've done some research and it all adds up! The hair, the fleas...it all makes sense! A monkey must have crawled in my bed and bit me in my sleep. It wouldn't have been the first time...

Well, in the event that I turn into a monkey, I want Kim to have all my stuff. Kim...I never really got to tell you this, and I guess I won't be able to if I turn into a monkey, but I-

O-oh God! What's happening to me!




Pop? What the hell?!

It wasn't my fault I got drunk, okay?! I didn't even mean to! And it's not like I'm ever going to do it again! You saw how sick I was! I learned my lesson!

Why did you have to go and ground me?!

I know I didn't exactly ask you if I could go to the party... but that's because I knew you were just going to say "no!" Whenever I want to do anything fun you always say "no!" I'm seriously considering revisiting my plan to run away to the circus. I'll become a famous lion-tamer and have all the fun I want! And you won't stop me!

This sucks so much! Everyone else is having fun while I'm stuck in here. How's was that movie night at the pirate's house, guys? Sorry I couldn't make it, but apparently I'm too young and- oh yeah! I'm grounded! Hope you had fun making fun of me or whatever. Jerks.

...And if Dean goes "nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah" at me one more time, I swear to God I'm going to clean his clock!


...If you need me, I'll be in my room... FOREVER!!!!

((OOC: Wereism makes Hanky cranky. In case any of you were wondering where this sudden onslaught of teenage angst came from...))